Sugaring Cane Training

Removing hair using sugaring paste is today's trend. The ancient natural method excites more and more customers. Let's get your customers excited over you new, extended range of services. With to our training you too can offer this sweet sugar trend to your customers.


Sugaring training – Our Courses

Sugaring Basic Training

Our sugaring basic training makes the foundation of your sugaring skills. In the theory part you will learn everything about the sugaring basics and how it works. This is you best preparation for the following practical part of your training. Within small groups of 4 to 6 you will learn the special flicking technique in a relaxed atmosphere. You will practise this technique on arms, legs, in the face, in the armpits and in the bikini area.
We will also provide beverages and some snacks during your training.

Duration: 1 day (aprox. 8 to 10 hours)

Fee: 269 € incl. VAT (in Bremen)

       299 € incl. VAT (outside Bremen)


Removing Hair in the intimate areas with Sugaring paste

Our training in removing pubic hair uses your knowledge and abilities you learned in our basic training. You will have an intensive training of all neccessary techniques in very small groups. For your customers removing pubic hair is an especially delicate matter. You will learn to relax them and to create an atmospere of trust.

Duration: 4 hours

Fee: 155 € incl. VAT (in Bremen)

       165 € incl. VAT (outside Bremen)


Refresher Course

You have already finished your sugaring training and want to consolidate your new abilities? Or did you have a longer break and now want to start anew? Then, our refresher course is perfect for you.
In this practice-oriented workshop you will train you hand techniques intensively. Therefore, you can start your everyday work with a good and secure feeling.

Duration: 4 hours

Fee: 155 € incl. VAT (in Bremen)

       165 € incl. VAT(outside Bremen)

       Free for those who have attended our Basic Course (as many times as you need).


Please contact us by email or telephone for English language courses. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +49 421 69 200 948


Important information about our sugaring trainings

For every training we provide you with a workbook. With the book you can look up all information again later. Also included in our fees are beverages and snacks.
We always train you in small groups. That makes our trainings more intense. That is why the learning effect of our course is ideal.
You will finish every sugaring training with a certificate you receive immidately after your lessons.
Also subsequently, you can buy our Basic or Professional starter packages. With these packages you can start immidately offering your new service. With the package you can regain the money you have invested in your training and the starter set quickly having even more success with your customers.
You have passed our basic training want to refresh what you have learned? Then book one of our refreshing courses – it is free for our former trainees!
You booked a training and cannot join the training on this term? Then, you can can cancel your booking within 15 days before the training begins without any fees. If you fall ill or another urgent matter crosses with your training date you can cancel it whenever neccessary. We will not charge a fee if we get sufficient proof. For further imformation please see our general business terms.

„Join our passion for sugaring – invest a little, gain a lot.“



Your sugaring trainer - Susanne Blair

Susanne Blair, being a qualified cosmetician, has learned the sugaring techniques in 2007 and from the beginning was passionate about this soft method of removing hair. Eagerly she learned the oriental method back then when it was newly rediscovered. For Susanne Blair the sugaring profession was and still is her passion. After a long period of intensive practical use and training in 2011 she passed her trainer aptitude examination with emphasis on sugaring at the Chamber of Handworkers in Bremen. Since then, she trains juniors in sugaring with professional passion and the joy of passing her passion on to others for supporting the growing trend of sugaring.

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